Foyer Gallery Show


I have just recently joined the Foyer Gallery at the Nepean Sportsplex in Ottawa. The current show is a group photography show. I am exhibiting four new images from the Bruce Peninsula. This scenic finger of land stretching into Georgian Bay is the final leg of the Bruce Trail system that begins in Niagara and continues up to Tobermory. The portions of the trail on the Bruce Peninsula are some of the most spectacular.

2011 07 18 591

2011 07 18 838

2011 07 18 925

The layers of sedimentary rock are the remains of what was once an ancient seabed. The clear water is an unbelievable shade of turquoise, just like the Caribbean…only about 20 degrees cooler! Don’t swim, just look. It really is stunning.

My mum at 88 isn’t quite up to hiking the shoreline so we took her on a sunset cruise to see some of the spectacular coastline. Cruising back into the harbour at Tobermory we were treated to a beautiful sunset. Some things just are better on the water.

2011 07 18 1636

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