Wazala! An e-commerce solution

Well, my online shop is finally up and running. I’ve been looking for an e-commerce solution for awhile now and Wazala seems like a good fit as it is aimed at artists, musicians, bloggers and other creative businesses. It’s a great solution for anyone who wants to spend their time creating not struggling with website applications.

The storefront is customizable so I can use the same colours as my website to create a uniform style.  It is clean looking and easy to navigate. Custom without the custom price.


It was easy to set up my store and add products. I can use 9 different images for each product. For example…I can use one image of just the photograph, then one image showing the photo matted and another image to show the final framed product. I can add optional sizes and pricing to each product. Each product image appears on its own page with plenty of room for any description I would like to add, pricing and size options and suggested related products.


I can arrange my shop into different product categories to include photographs, textiles and art cards. There is a built in shipping option for different regions, a shopping cart and payment options.  I automatically receive an e-mail to let me know any time a  customer has a question for me.

I have signed up for the large site that includes tracking numbers for hits to my shop, sales numbers, customizable forms,15 languages  and much much more.


And it all works with my own website without any extra work for me. It’s just a plugin widget that appears at the top of my site.  It includes connections to Twitter, Facebook and Favourites. You can also import your images directly from Flickr. It offers a full service solution for e-commerce without any hassle.

Pretty simple for a non techie like me! Now once I finish stocking my shop, I can go back to what I really enjoy….creating.

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