Winter collage

A collection of small compositions, some horizontal…some vertical…some diagonal, and some random. I tried to balance the warm and cool tones in each collage for interest. It was very sunny this morning, but after not too long, my fingers were still cold in my thin gloves.  I love the many ‘colours of blue’ that appear depending on whether you are in sun or shadow.

It was so bright that over exposure was a problem each time I opted for a wide aperture. But I like the blown out whites in the photo of my dog. They focus the attention on her face. She loves to be outside in the snow.

collage 1_edited-4

The sky was just a flat blue backdrop…not very interesting, so I looked for little ‘thumbnails’ of interest. Bark, berries, buds and buried flower pots.

Looking up, looking down. Up to my knees in snow.

collage 1_edited-5

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