Ice abstractions

Ice 1

Just having a little fun with some very nasty icicles hanging from my roof outside the back door. They range between 2 and 3 ft. long…I should remove them before one of the dogs gets hurt. It was bitterly cold this morning but the sun was shining through these crystal daggers and so I was enticed outside to photograph these ‘temporary stalactites’.

Back inside my nice warm house, I converted them to b/w, added a colour filter and played with the levels to create a more abstract image. I like the way the ridges created by the water as the icicles formed resulted in neat swirly reflections.

They are really quite vicious, these sparkling glass knives. Dangerous fragile beauties.

Ice 2

Ice 3

My fingers were quickly frozen, –16 plus the added wind-chill,  so I only ventured to the edge of the patio for this image of the abandoned bench. It will be awhile yet before anyone sits there.


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