New toy, 35mm lens

Getting a new lens is almost as much fun as getting a new camera, maybe even better. In fashion, it’s the equivalent of getting a great pair of new shoes! Visually it allows you a whole new way of looking at things…a different perspective.

xmas cracker_0184_edited-3

The new kid on the block is a cute little AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G lens. On my camera, this 35mm lens has the equivalent focal length of a 50mm lens. With an aperture that can open up wide, I’m having lots of fun creating neat shallow depth of field effects. It gives nice ‘bokeh’…the fuzzy bit around the area in focus. Because it is a fixed focus lens, I have to ‘manually’ move closer or farther way from my subject ! All my other lenses have zoom capability, so this lens seems to have some calorie burning benefits as well. Perfect after overindulging over Christmas!

I converted these images to black and white. There is a soft, dreamy appearance to them. Though it is not quite a macro lens, there are still lots of creative options with this lens… and for less money.


horse bank

I also experimented with some candid shots of family members as well. The ability to effectively isolate the subject from the background is a key feature of this lens.



But beware! Some family members may not appreciate the intrusion of the camera. Or maybe it was just a little too much eggnog!


Not bad for a humble 35mm fixed focus lens.

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