The Winter Garden

Winter garden

Is there beauty to be found in the winter garden… in a landscape dominated by a blanket of white? The garden seems to lie still, peacefully slumbering until the arrival of spring. Quiet, cold, bright, abandoned…

Sunken Garden

Suddenly the garden palette has changed from the predominance of greens to bright whites and strong contrasts. Shapes become the focus and colour becomes an accent in the form of trees and buildings. Remove the green backdrop and the landscape has a spare, somewhat graphic appearance.



Double red

Hedge opening

The colour temperature of the landscape can really influence how we feel about the image. This first image below has a cool tone and is not very inviting. It was actually minus 20 with the wind chill that day. My fingers were frozen.

Cool wall

Then I added a warm filter to the image and it is much more inviting. Something to think about when you’re pouring over travel brochures for ski vacations.

Warm wall

In addition to the evergreen trees and shrubs there were still a few dried flower heads and grasses to add some colour to the landscape. The golden overlapping petals of the hop seed cone were quite lovely, and the soft waving grasses were very appealing.

Hop flowers

Grasses 2

Yes, the winter garden can beautiful.

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