Butchart Gardens and natural light

Sometimes a little rain is your friend when taking photos.

Victoria, BC , Butchart Gardens

We arrived about midmorning…definitely not the best time to avoid the crush of other tourists anxious to see the world famous Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC.

And then it began to rain, just a constant gentle drizzle, very familiar to anyone who has lived on the ‘wet coast’ before. Of course this did not deter me or any of the other umbrella brandishing tourists from enjoying the gardens. Myself and my husband actually opted to keep our cameras dry and let our clothes get wet instead. Before leaving on the trip we had purchased two plastic rain covers for our cameras in case of rain on our big hike. They come in a pack of two and combined with my new monopod were a very successful way to keep my camera dry. Many other tourists commented on these inexpensive and very handy rain covers, I’m sure wishing they had one as well for their cameras.

I used my wide angle exclusively in the sunken gardens. The overcast sky and wet rain on the flowers and foliage provided even light without dark shadows and brilliant colours. It was worth getting a bit wet!

Victoria, BC, Butchart Gardens

Victoria, BC, Butchart Gardens

When we entered the Japanese Gardens I switched to my telephoto lens. It was very crowded and the wide angle wasn’t suitable to capture the intimacy of this lovely garden.

Victoria, BC, Butchart Gardens

Victoria, BC, Butchart Gardens

Lots of green and different shapes both natural and pruned.

Victoria, BC, Butchart Gardens

Light being a crucial factor in outdoor photos, the time of day makes a big difference. Early morning photos at The English Inn again provided less harsh shadowing.

Victoria, BC, The English Inn

Victoria, BC , The English Inn

This is an absolutely charming inn in Esquimalt, BC just 10 minutes or so from downtown Victoria. It is set on a large acreage with extensive English style gardens, the main inn with breakfast and bar facilities, and very comfortable cottages on the grounds for more guests. It is popular location for weddings.

Midday photos are tough particularly when it is hot and sunny. A trip to Hatley Park near Victoria resulted in strong shadows from the harsh light. It is a very impressive castle with lovely gardens around. Now home to Royal Roads University, it is an important part of the history of BC.

Victoria, BC, Hatley Gardens

Victoria, BC , Hatley Gardens

Late in the afternoon one day, I got this shot in downtown Victoria. This time the shadows are a welcome addition to the composition.

Victoria, BC,

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