Magic tricks with a slow sync flash

Campfires aren’t just a good place for telling ghost stories, sometimes a little magic occurs there as well. What? Are my children disappearing before my eyes? As the old saying goes… the camera never lies. Or does it?

With slow sync flash

The slow sync flash is a good way to photo people at night or in dim environments. The flash illuminates the foreground subject for a fraction of a second, then the shutter stays open for as long as necessary to capture the darker more distant background. The subject must stay still until the flash has gone off, otherwise they create a blurred image of themselves. My D5000 has a Night Portrait mode  for this technique.

My kids had some fun with this by moving their arms as fast as possible to ‘appear to disappear’! Parlour tricks with your camera.

With slow sync flash

This next photo was taken without any flash. It’s dark and lacking in detail.

No flash

The photo below was taken with the Night Portrait Mode on, or using the slow sync flash. My husband moved his hands so there is some blurred movement but his face is in focus and shows a lot more detail.

With slow sync flash

It was also a fun way to capture the sparks from the campfire. Maybe there really was a little magic in the air!

Fire with slow sync flash

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