Canada Day 2010 on Parliament Hill

The Queen was on Parliament Hill on Canada Day…so were about 100,000 other people. Did I arrive early to get a good spot? No, my husband and I strolled up onto the Hill just as the Mounted Police were entering to start the Musical Ride …about 10:30 am. We listened to the music and watched the tops of their flag poles bounce past. After the barriers were opened to allow more people onto the grounds, we surged forwards with the rest of the crowd in hopes of getting an unobstructed view of the stage! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Canada Day 2010, anticipation

Then we waited.

Canada Day 2010, wear red

There was a lot of red.

Canada Day 2010, girl with hat

There were the Snowbirds.

Canada Day 2010, Snowbirds

There were many wonderful performers.

Canada Day 2010, male singer

Canada Day, performers

I made good use of the ‘live’ feature on my D5000 which allowed me to hold my camera above the crowd to photo the performers on stage. It’s a bit tricky to get the right angle and get it to focus on what you want, and also quite tiring to hold it up for long but I’m only 5’3″ so it was handy.

And… there was the Queen!

Canada Day 2010, The Queen and Harper

I was on the opposite side from the podium where she made her speech so…not so great for photo ops, but after the show she moved to the other side of the stage and I was in luck…I got my much desired photo of Her Highness as well as Prime Minister Harper and Prince Phillip. Using my 55-200mm telephoto lens I managed to just catch her between all the heads in front of me. A little blurring is visible from the heads but hey, I was along way back.

Canada Day, Prince Phillip and Harper

Canada Day 2010, the Queen and Prince Phillip

I love this image of the Queen and Prince Phillip back to back, both greeting people, she with her bouquet and he with his fedora behind his back.

I missed watching her enter or leave the Hill area, the crowd was too thick. Wellington St. was teeming with people afterwards. It was a good opportunity to try out my new  10-24mm, wide angle lens.

Canada Day 2010, street scene


Canada Day, View from the back

This was pretty much the view for most of us in the crowd, but all in all, a successful day. And I got my photo of the Queen!

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