Hiking up the Wolf Trail in Gatineau Park

Ben’s Wolf Trail photo 3
Originally uploaded by Janice Saunders

Yesterday we hiked the Wolf Trail in Gatineau Park as part of our training for our big trip this summer. This time it threatened rain and I decided not to take my DSLR along as I haven’t yet worked out how I can keep it safe and accessible, but my youngest son brought along his camera… a small Casio Exilim with 12 mega pixels. It is small and light and doesn’t take half bad pictures. He didn’t turn off the date/time feature so this information is visible on the photos at the bottom. I edited them a little in Photoshop Elements but the details and overall brightness of his photos were far superior to the ones my husband took using his Nokia N95 camera phone. You can see his photos and more details about the hike on his blog at http://saunderslog.com/2010/05/23/hiking-the-wolf-trail/
Next hike we are planning to all take along our cameras and do a more controlled comparison between them. I really want to take my DSLR on our big trip but this will be a useful exercise anyways.

This trail has a number of wonderful lookout points over the valley below, more than the very popular Luskville Falls Trail. We ate our lunch at the Tawinda Lookout which is an expansive rocky outcrop above the trees, but there were at least three other flat rock spaces suitable for relaxing and eating. I need to remember to return here in the fall when the trees change colour because the views are beautiful.

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