Looking back

Wow! It’s been 6 months since I last posted any news about what I’ve been doing. My goal over the past year was to participate in sales events, so I’ve now been involved in 6 art/craft sales in the local area. This is a different experience than just exhibiting artwork. It involves grids, sunshelters, packaging, salesmanship, and long hours standing on your feet, just to name a few of the challenges to be met. But the payout is lots of great feedback from everyone who stops by your booth! Many thanks to all the wonderful people I spoke to over the past year, both visitors and fellow artists.
I have also set up my own website and continue to tinker with it to find the perfect fit for me.
Workwise, I am still making small folk art inspired textile pieces, mostly in themes for children. They are alot of fun to create and I think quite unique.
I have also added some local photographic images to my portfolio, urban and landscape images as well as flowers from my garden. It has been a very enjoyable experience exploring the area with my camera recording the beauty and charm of Ottawa.

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