I don’t score many points with my worldly husband over linguistic issues, after all his father is a retired English drama teacher, so it is particularly sweet when he, my husband, is ignorant of a term used in the art world….vernissage.

What! You are unaware of the meaning behind this significant event in the lives of artists?  Well, I say, wikipedia it! In common English it means ‘opening’ as in the opening of an art show, but the historical definition is far more romantic. Vernissage translates as ‘varnishing’ in French, referring to the final varnish put on an oil painting before exhibition.

So, what does it all mean?  A vernissage is a time to mingle and chat with fellow artists and other attendees. I suppose it is the modern day version of the French ‘salons’ when the artists emerged from their studios and stood beside their work and acknowledged that ” I did that “.

It is the final critique. Will anyone like it? Will the viewer be moved by my work? Did I make a connection? The question then begs, am I creating for economic purposes, or for my need to express myself?

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