No photos today, just a few musings on the constant choices artists make in the journey to express themselves. When I occasionally pick up a copy of  The Pastel Journal, I am always appreciative of the wonderful articles inside. In Issue No. 53, December 2007, there is an article featuring Serguei Ossik, a Russian landscape painter. At one point he speaks about the  idea of using artistic license and emotional intuition when making colour choices.

To quote:

Ossuik’s realization that it was impossible for him to transfer emotion, colour and the power of light by blindly following nature, helped him to develop his thinking about painting.  "I realized the inevitability of adornment," he says. "remember that Matisse said ‘accuracy is not truth.’  It’s impossible to convey the sparkling of snow, the burning yellowness of fall, the light spots on leaves or the birch trees whiteness without adornment."

A strong endorsement to "go with the feeling" when making colour choices or any choices for that matter during the creative process. I love Matisse’ s comment about accuracy not being truth- it speaks to the idea of truly "seeing" and can be applied to many things other than art.

Further into the magazine another article featuring  abstract pastel artist, Ingrid Wilkins also touches on the ideas surrounding artistic choice.

To quote:

"I would advise, have no assumptions," Wilkins says. "Scribble. Paint with the body. Don’t engage with the brain because the brain often stops people from doing things intuitively. Don’t be afraid of the mess, because you can always clean that up. But you have to spit it all out first- that’s the emotional barrier. It’s about finding what really excites you."

Colour, texture, form, line- all have the power to excite and inspire. I can relate to the messiness of creating art. All creation is messy process. Particularly when working in mixed media I seem to cover every available surface in the house from my studio to the kitchen to the dining room before I am finished! I am "desperately seeking a surface " to give birth to my artistic expression. And, it is amazing that when done,  the finished piece has taken such a  transformational journey to completion when I have let go of my assumptions and let my intuition be the guide.

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